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Cornbread Balls

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Cornbread Balls
2008-07-25 Side Dish
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These tasty little cornbread balls are made with real cornbread that is crumbled up, formed into balls, coated in peanut butter and drizzled with syrup. What a sweet treat.

  • Servings: 20


4 boxes Jiffy Cornbread & Ingredients Needed To Make It
1 bottle Maple Syrup
1 jar Peanut Butter
5 Tbsp Water
10 Tbsp Sugar


Cook Jiffy cornbread in the pan according to the directions on the box or until the edges are a golden brown. When the cornbread is done, let it stand for 5 minutes. When the cornbread has cooled, crumble it until there are no lumps. Then, add 5 tbsp of water to your crumbled cornbread. You will then take 1 inch and ball it up into small balls. Cover the balls in peanut butter and place them on a tray. Then drizzle maple syrup over them. Once you have drizzled the syrup over them, put them in the freezer for 30 minutes. After the 30 minutes sprinkle the sugar and enjoy.